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Use pre-emergents in the fall to avoid spring weeds

weed extractionFall is just around the corner in DFW and many people are looking forward to saying goodbye to the summer heat, welcoming cooler temperatures, and not having to water their yard as frequently.  
Fall is also a time when professional lawn and landscape companies in DFW take preventative measures to ensure you will have a beautiful lawn in the spring. When the temperature drops, there are some weed varieties that begin to thrive under the soil. If not taken care of early, weeds that are allowed to germinate in the fall, will sprout in the spring.  

Dealing with weeds after they've sprouted can be time consuming and expensive. You may find yourself having to pull them, or have them pulled, or trying to figure out which weed killers work best for your particular weeds.  Weeds are also not only unsightly, but can affect the overall healthiness of your grass and surrounding plants, flowers, and trees 

The best way to avoid having to deal with an extensive weed problem in the spring is to use a pre-emergent herbicide in the fall. A pre-emergent stunts the growth of the weeds which will prevent them from ever sprouting and making your lawn ugly and unhealthy.    
The time of year that a pre-emergent is applied and the amount of water used are important factors to ensure the herbicide works properly. Weather conditions such as drought or excessive rain, or unusually high or low temperatures can affect the timing of it's application. Also, ensuring a good, thorough application can be tricky to make sure surrounding plants, shrubbery, or trees are not affected adversely. 
It's best to have a pre-emergent applied by a professional like All Seasons Landcare who can make sure it is used correctly which will ultimately save you time and money.        
Some benefits to using a pre-emergent are: 
- It breaks down the cycle of constant regrowth of weeds 
- It saves time and money by avoiding the need for weed extraction  and/or costly weed killers 
- If applied properly, only a small number of weeds escape and can be dealt with easily 
- The need for it may decrease as certain weed seeds are eliminated over time 
Pre-emergents are not only used in the fall in DFW, but also other times of year such as in the spring to avoid summer weeds. All Seasons Landcare is thoroughly knowledgeable about the benefits of pre-emergents and timing them perfectly throughout the year for the best results. As an expert in lawn maintenance in Keller, Southlake, Colleyville, and the Mid-Cities, All Seasons Landcare can help take the guess work out of keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful anytime of the year.

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