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The Added Value of Landscape Remodeling

Many homeowners often consider remodeling their house, but they don’t always consider the added value of  remodeling their landscaping. A recent report by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP),  shows the top ten outdoor features likely to add value to the home. Landscape upgrade was the number one feature.

Other outdoor features were (from highest to lowest) were:

  • New Patio

  • New Wood Deck

  • Standard Lawn Care

  • Sod Lawn

  • Softscape

  • Seed Lawn

  • Outdoor Fireplace

  • Outdoor Firepit

  • New Pool

Based on the report, the suggested landscape upgrade included:

  • Installing a front walkway of natural flagstone three feet wide and thirty feet long

  • Adding two stone planters six feet long and two feet wide

  • Installing five flowering shrubs and one deciduous 15-foot tall tree

  • Mulching with landscaping bark

Costs can vary depending on location, but the percent of value recovered from a landscape remodel such as the one described above is estimated at 105 percent.

Besides the monetary value, upgrading your landscape can have health and environmental benefits as well. Creating an eye appealing home exterior can decrease stress and encourage more outdoor activities. It can reduce noise and heat and can address issues such as erosion  that may occur over time.

The NAR report also provided a “joy score” for each of the ten features listed. This was based on a survey by of 4,079 respondents who had completed a remodeling project and the amount of satisfaction they got from it (on a scale of one to ten). The landscape upgrade had a joy score of 9.8.  

In addition to the suggested landscape upgrade mentioned in the report, there are many other ways to update your landscaping including adding fencing, adding a sitting area made of stone, and installing stone borders along pathways.

Fencing is available in a variety of heights, styles, and colors. Pairing the fence with an arbor and a climbing plant such as yellow trumpet vine can really create a welcoming new space. Stonework can transform a boring area into an intriguing outdoor sitting area especially when paired with potted flowering plants in the warmer months and adding a portable fire pit when it’s cooler.       

Many landscape remodels are extremely cost effective when considering all of the benefits that can be gained. The professionals at All Seasons Landcare have done hundreds of landscaping remodeling projects over the years and can complete your project while saving you time and money in the process.

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