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Pet Friendly Landscaping in North Texas

Pet Friendly Landscaping in North TexasHaving beautiful landscaping in North Texas is important to many people. However, if you’re a pet owner, you may not be aware of the best landscaping plants for your four-legged friends.

Pet-Friendly Plants and Flowers Popular in North Texas

Crepe Myrtles – The beautiful, confetti-like blooms of the Crepe Myrtle can be found throughout the DFW area in the spring and summer. They are perfectly safe for cats, dogs, and horses.

Sweet Potato Vine – Sweet Potato Vine is also safe for cats, dogs, and horses and provides pretty climbing or ground-cover in any landscape. Just be on the look-out for cotton tail bunnies who love to snack on the bright, green leaves.

Pansies, Roses, and Snapdragons – Popular flowers that can add vibrant color to North Texas landscapes include, pansies, roses, and snapdragons and they are all perfectly safe for cats, dogs, and horses.

Popular Plants and Flowers Harmful to Pets

Pet Friendly LandscapingHosta – A hardy, shade-tolerant foliage, Hosta can be harmful to cats, dogs, and horses. It’s best to plant them in areas not accessible to pets.

Aloe – While aloe can have cooling, soothing properties for humans, they are toxic to cats, dogs, and horses.

Chrysanthemums, Lantana, and Tulips – Flowers found throughout the area, such as chrysanthemums, lantana, and tulips, may be beautiful, but are not safe for pets.

Safe, Flea and Tick Repelling Plants

Plants that are great for any pet owner’s yard are those that are not only safe for your furry friends, but also repel pesky fleas and ticks.

Rosemary – Rosemary not only keeps fleas and ticks away, but flies and mosquitos too. It smells great and is a staple in many chefs’ kitchens.

Lavender – Lavender repels fleas, ticks, mosquitos, and moths, but is beautiful and fragrant in your garden or flower bed.

Catnip – Catnip is a flea, cockroach, and mosquito deterrent. It’s great for your cat and your garden. However, be aware that you may end up with more cats than your own!

Chamomile – Most people know that chamomile can have a calming effect when used in herbal teas, but they also keep your pets calm by keeping ticks and flees at bay.

A great place to search for a more thorough list of plants that are safe for your pets can be found at the ASPCA website. If you’re a pet owner, or just want to make sure your yard is safe for your pet loving friends, All Seasons Landcare has the landscape design team to help. Contact us today!

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