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Make Sure Your Lawn is Ready for Spring!

SpringtimeSpring is one of the best times of year to show off your lawn and landscaping in DFW. Due to the mild winter this year, spring has sprung early. Trees such as crepe myrtles, Texas Redbuds, and Bradford pears are already blooming as are other plants and trees. So, it's good to get a head start on your lawn as well. Meteorologist are predicting continued warm weather with no threat of another freeze.

In previous articles, we addressed some ways to ensure a spring ready lawn with the use of pre-emergents and through aerating. Here are a few other ways All Seasons Landcare can help make your yard ready for spring:

Redesigning Expansive Areas of Grass

If you have expansive areas of grass, your lawn can be redesigned to be more aesthetically appealing. It can also result in healthier turf, plants, and trees. This can be done through the use of pavers, stone pathways, and brick or stone patios. When done properly, these borders can help prevent damage to plants and trees caused by mowers and string trimmers by keeping them out of harm's way. A redesign can also result in smaller areas of grass that require less watering and nutrients can be more evenly distributed throughout your landscape.


Over the winter, some areas of the lawn can become barren or brown and reseeding in those areas can take care of those issues. However, it's important to understand what caused the lack of growth in the first place. Sometimes, the soil's nutrients are lacking and a simple soil test can determine what the soil may need to restore it to a nutrient rich capacity. Or, certain pests such as grub worms may be causing the problem. Once the issues are addressed, reseeding can be done successfully resulting in an evenly distributed lush, green lawn.

Landscape designFertilizing

Once reseeding is done, fertilizing the grass will encourage growth and minimize weeds. Fertilizing must be done correctly, at the proper time, to prevent damage to the grass and surrounding plants and trees. The professionals at All Seasons Landcare specialize in fertilization and know how and when to apply it properly for maximum effect.

Properly Mowing

All Seasons Landcare knows that there is much more to mowing the grass, than some may realize. Cutting the grass too short can be harmful as it causes a loss of nutrients and exposes the soil to direct sunlight which can result in weeds. Mowing frequently, so only the top third of the blade is cut, is recommended to place less stress on the grass to keep it more lush and full.

Whether you live in Southlake, Colleyville, Keller, Hurst, Euless, Bedford or anywhere in between, All Seasons Landcare will do what it takes to make sure your lawn is ready for spring!

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