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lawn scarifierA year ago, we provided information about apps for watering your lawn in the hot summer months. In addition to watering apps, there are many other lawn and garden apps that are low or no cost that may be helpful to you.

Apple iPhone Apps

House and Garden

This FREE app, by House and Garden Magazine, allows you to access their magazine digitally by individual issue or through a longer subscription. They offer great ideas for a beautiful garden and landscaping outside as well as ways to bring the outdoors in.

The Plant Doctor

For $2.99, this app diagnoses plant diseases and sends it to a professional plant pathologist who will provide live, interactive communication regarding the plant and the disease.

Android Apps

Flower Checker +

This 99 cent app allows uploading of photos to a team of experts who will identify any plants that you’re not familiar with. There is a $1 fee per plant. However, if the experts can’t identify it, you are not charged the $1 fee. That’s a nominal price for expert advice.


This FREE Android app, gives you instant access to information about plants, insects, and diseases. By uploading a photo, the user can see possible matches for their submission to show more information about plant care. If the app doesn’t provide a good match, the user can submit the photo directly to an expert from within the app.

Apple and Android


This is a FREE garden app that connects you to a local group of gardeners who know your area and have helpful information for what grows best. You can upload photos to the community of growers who help with plant identification as well as all other aspects of gardening in your area.

Bonnie Plants

Bonnie has been a well-known name in vegetable and herb plants since 1918, and with their FREE app, they provide expert advice for newbies and experienced gardeners alike. With information on almost 300 vegetables and herbs, they are sure to have something to help grow your garden to its fullest extent.

BeeSmart Pollinator Garden

FREE to those who want to search for pollinator plants, soils, bloom color, sun to shade requirements and plant type.


This cool app is FREE and works with your phone’s GPS to identify the properties in soil throughout the continental U.S.

Although apps are often convenient, and can be fun and educational, you may still have the need for a professional lawn and landscape company to provide you with the best advice, in person, based on your specific needs. When you need lawncare in DFW, All Seasons Landcare is always happy to help.

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