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Keeping Weeds Under Control in the Spring

Weeds for saleUsing a pre-emergent on your lawn in the fall can help control weeds in the spring, but busy homeowners don’t always remember to do this. Spring is now here and some North Texas homeowners have lawns that aren’t as pristine as they might want them to be due to unsightly weeds. 

Besides just being an eye-sore, too many weeds can also affect the value of your property. For example, the housing market is hot right now with sellers seeing higher prices due to increased home values. However, drive up appeal is always an important factor. Having a yard full of weeds could mean a seller’s property will be on the market longer than some others and this can decrease the value of the house overall.

There are ways to control weeds that may have already crept up this spring and keep them from overtaking your lawn completely. Some weeds that are commonly seen in North Texas are clover, dandelions, and henbit. A broad leaf herbicide can be used for these types of weeds and for best results, the herbicide should be sprayed directly on the leaves. The optimum time to spray is when the temperature is above 65 to 70 degrees and, of course when there is no heavy wind or rain expected within one to two days after the application. It is also extremely important to keep the broad leaf weed killers away from trees, plants, and other vegetation that you want to keep.

Remember that just like a fall pre-emergent, applying a pre-emergent in the spring can help ensure you will see a reduced amount of summer weeds. However, if you didn’t begin the process in early March, and will be applying another application in early June, you already missed the optimum time for attacking summer weeds. Timing is key to ensure weeds don’t take root as they germinate at specific times of the year in the DFW area.

Pulling weedsSome North Texans may want to use more organic, or homemade products for weeds. This option can include manually pulling the weeds, pouring boiling water on them, sprinkling rock salt on the weeds, or dousing them in vinegar. There are also some people who may want to keep a few weeds for butterflies and bees. Those that are beneficial and provide nectar for butterflies and bees are any flowering weeds such as dandelions and clover. Keeping a small area where the weeds aren’t able to take over your lawn or flowers and plants is doable but can be a challenge when trying to control their growth and further germination.

Trying to keep up with and control weeds can be time-consuming and costly. Hiring a professional company like All Seasons Landcare can be a great choice for keeping track of all aspects of your lawn maintenance. All Seasons Landcare has many highly satisfied customers who know how cost effective a good lawn maintenance company can be. Leaving all of the details to a professional allows homeowners free time to enjoy their lawn and anything else they may want to do besides attacking weeds.

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