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French Drains

French DrainA year ago, we wrote about drainage systems and how to prevent water damage. It’s an important topic for homeowners, so we wanted to expand on it to provide more information. As mentioned previously, the damage that can be caused by improper drainage can be extensive, resulting in the need for major repairs to your home’s foundation. Addressing drainage issues early, by spending a little up front, can save you lots of time and money later.

All Seasons Landcare has created many types of drainage systems for clients throughout the area from Keller, Southlake, and Colleyville to Hurst, Euless, and Bedford. Each system is custom created to address specific drainage needs and is designed to be aesthetically pleasing to fit well within an existing landscape.

One of the most prevalent drainage systems installed by All Seasons is the French drain. It is used to draw water away from your home’s foundation or any other areas where standing water is a problem. A well designed French drain will require minimal maintenance, so it’s important to have knowledgeable, experienced professionals install it. One that is not built properly can cause more problems than it’s worth with endless hours of cleanout required for it to function. In the initial design, a wider drain is always recommended because it allows water to be dispersed over a larger area allowing more water to flow through in less time.

Sealing PVC Drain PipeUsing the right materials and proper placement of the French drain are imperative as well to make sure the drain works as it should for many years to come. Often, people make the mistake of using materials such as crushed limestone in their French drain which can harden and allow little, if any, water to flow through. Simple, clean gravel is best. The piping used for the drain is also important. A rigid, non-flexible, perforated pipe is important. Flexible, corrugated pipes should not be used. They are often the source of a non-functioning French drain because their flexibility makes them almost impossible to clean out. Other materials include permeable landscape fabric, a fabric sleeve, and leaf separators to lessen any clogs.

Many do-it-yourself homeowners have attempted a French drain on their own and some are successful. However, many others have called on All Seasons Landcare because once they got started, they realized it was a bigger project than they wanted to attempt. The equipment to install a French drain can be expensive to buy or rent and the time needed to do it properly can turn a weekend project into many weeks. Allowing a professional company like All Seasons to do it for you can save you invaluable time and money.

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