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Fall Leaf Removal Tips

colorful leaves that have fallen from the treesEven though the fall temperatures in North Texas have been mild, a sure sign that autumn is here is the colorful leaves that have fallen from the trees. A light layer of leaves in your yard is okay and they can act as a fertilizer. However, numerous trees that provide much needed shade in late spring and summer can drown your landscape in a sea of red, orange, and brown leaves by late fall if you don’t take care of them every week.

There are some ways, besides just raking them, to efficiently keep them under control and prevent them from overtaking your yard completely.


If your leaves haven’t gotten too deep, they can be mowed and bagged and made into mulch. This is one of the easiest ways to keep them under control quickly and easily. However, mowing has to be done when the leaves aren’t too thick, or you will have a hard time mowing them.


A leaf vacuum is just like a vacuum you use in your house which can pick up leaves that can then be ground for mulch or bagged for disposal. Just like with mowing, it’s best to use a leaf vacuum when there aren’t too many leaves already on the ground.

A leaf blowerBlowing

A leaf blower can be used to easily maneuver the leaves where you want them, and this works best for larger yards. Blowing them into a pile and then bagging them will get them out of your way much quicker than using a rake. It’s also much easier to get leaves out of your flower beds and other areas where a rake isn’t as efficient.


Ground leaves used as mulch are a great benefit to other areas of your landscape and can be shared with friends and neighbors if you have too many. They can also be used in your compost as an added nutrient for your garden. If you’re bagging the leaves, instead of just throwing them away, your city may have a compost area for them.

Professional Leaf Removal

As pretty and colorful as fall leaves can be at first, they can quickly become cumbersome once they’re covering your sidewalks and landscape. Pretty flower beds and hedges can be overtaken by them and too many dead leaves can clog swimming pools and drains.

Spending time dealing with leaves isn’t appealing to most people. Also, many don’t have the time or equipment to handle them effectively. Allowing a professional lawn company in DFW, such as All Seasons Landcare, to take care of your leaves can help free up your time and make your lawn beautiful again. To make sure your lawn is looking great for the upcoming fall and winter holidays, call All Seasons Landcare today!

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