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Custom Landscape Design
Landscaping PlansInterior design is a huge industry and many of the popular HGTV shows have professional designers who offer ideas on how to transform specific rooms or even entire houses.  Lots of people are seen at home improvement stores on the weekends attempting to put those ideas into place. However, the first thing that your friends, relatives, and neighbors see when they visit your house is your front yard. When your landscaping is not designed with the same care that you put into your house, your home's interior won't necessarily have the best appeal. Having a large picture window that looks out onto a drab front or backyard won't make you want to open the blinds to bring in some natural light.

When selling a home, the data for return on investment seems to vary widely for landscaping, but there's no doubt that curb appeal is important at any time. What can be even more important is the way in which a well-designed landscape can keep a home's maintenance costs down over time. This can be accomplished through good landscape design. There are two major factors in the initial planning of your landscaping that can lead to additional home maintenance costs if not done properly. They are drainage and the placement of trees and shrubs. A good landscape designer will keep these factors in mind as they put together the best options for your specific needs.


Proper drainage for any excessive water from rain, to a backyard pool, to a pond or other water feature can save a homeowner thousands of dollars. Not addressing drainage issues can lead to major foundation issues and flooding. Both of which result in expensive repairs.

Trees and Shrubbery

When planting trees or shrubs, a good landscape designer will not only consider the type and placement but also future growth. Tree and shrub root growth can affect a home's foundation. Tree branches can cause damage to a home's roof and contribute to insects and rodents making their way from the branches onto, and possibly into, your house. 

There are many other factors in landscape design that can affect its overall appeal and function, but those that encroach on your house can have the biggest impact. Having a well-designed landscape is the key to avoiding additional, unnecessary home maintenance costs. Nature does take its course eventually and the growth of plants, trees, and shrubs can affect the best landscape design. So, maintaining the landscape to lessen the need for home repairs is always important. A professional landscape company such as All Seasons Landcare has well-trained, experienced, and skilled designers who not only know how to meet your specific landscape design needs but also how to keep it functional and looking great for many years.

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