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Winter Lawn Care in DFW

Winter Lawn Care in DFWWinter weather slows the need for mowing in DFW, and other lawn maintenance tasks, but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore your lawn altogether. There are some steps that should be taken to ensure your lawn is healthy throughout the colder season, so it will be in great shape once spring arrives.


Even though mowing is not needed as frequently in the winter, it should still be done. For the month of January, Southern Living Magazine states that when it’s dry outside on a winter day, mowing can be good for a “dormant warm-season” lawn. Mowing can also help minimize pests.


Many areas of DFW such as the Mid-Cities of Hurst, Euless, and Bedford and other areas such as Colleyville, and Keller in need of lawncare, may have many leaves covering the grass. If leaves have fallen, they can be mulched into the grass to protect and nourish it. This will also clear the grass so it can be inspected for winter weeds. Weeds can either be pulled or a post-emergent herbicide can be applied. However, it’s always important to make sure to follow the label directions for herbicides and make sure that it can be applied for your grass type. Otherwise, you may accidently kill your grass.

Below are other lawn and landscaping tips for wintertime. 

Remove Items from the Lawn

Any items, large or small, left on the grass in the winter can create brown patches. The brown patches are where the grass has died, or almost died, making your lawn not only unsightly, but more susceptible to weeds and pests. So, don’t forget to remove any items such as toys, furniture, or potted plants from your lawn to avoid harming the grass. In addition to man-made items, other debris such as fallen branches can leave your grass with brown patches as well.

Divert Traffic

If your lawn is continually walked over for extended periods of time during the winter, it can compact the dormant grass. Once spring arrives, and the grass is no longer dormant, compacted grass will not grow properly and won’t get the nutrients it needs. Avoid walking on the grass in the winter by keeping your sidewalks and driveway clear.

Burnt grass after moss attackChemicals

In addition to the wrong pesticides or herbicides, any chemicals used on, or near, your lawn while it is dormant can negatively affect it. In the winter months, chemicals for deicing your driveway and sidewalks should be kept away from your lawn. Less harmful deicing methods include using kitty litter or sand or just plowing or shoveling icy or snowy walkways to keep any harmful chemicals from seeping into your lawn.



In addition to mowing and lawncare, other areas of your landscape, such as pruning, can be addressed during the winter months too. According to the Texas A & M Horticulture Department, pruning can be done anytime of year, but during the winter months, when growth is slowed, pruning can remove dead leaves, limbs, and branches to allow more growth in the spring. For more information on pruning, see the Texas A & M Horticulture website at

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