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Drainage Systems to Prevent Water Damage
Drainage SystemsAn important aspect of landscaping that many homeowners don’t often consider is proper drainage around the home. If water is not diverted or drained properly, it can result in stagnant, standing pools which can breed mosquitoes, can damage your lawn and landscaping, and can result in foundation issues that can cost thousands of dollars in repairs.  

One of the biggest reasons foundations in North Texas are affected by improper drainage is because of the expansive, clay soil found throughout the region that absorbs and holds water. Water logged soil surrounding the foundation of a house causes the foundation to expand and creates pressure that results in cracks. When water seeps into the cracks of a foundation, major damage can occur.  

In cities such as Hurst, Euless, Bedford, and throughout  DFW, a good drainage system can prevent the damaging effects of water. To ensure a proper, professional, drainage system is installed, the experts at All Seasons Landcare can determine which type of system you may need. A gutter system, with proper downspouts, may need to be installed on a house to divert water away from it. In addition, re-grading or resurfacing can prevent standing water in low areas of the lawn which can become water logged due to previous erosion. This is done by building up the lower areas with soil and/or sod and taking measures to prevent future erosion with the use of drainage systems.  

The most common types of drainage systems for residential, suburban properties include:

Trench Or Channel DrainsFrench Drains

A French drain is a ditch that is dug around a home’s foundation to allow the water to flow away from it. A perforated pipe is put into the ditch and buried under gravel or other porous landscaping pebbles. This allows the water to drain into the pipe’s perforations and be carried to an area away from the house.

Trench (Or Channel) Drains

Trench or channel drains are narrow, long ditches, usually made from concrete, that allow water to be carried away quickly. These are normally installed in areas where houses are close to one another in proximity.

Drainage Ditches

Drainage ditches are usually dug near the street and allow excess water to drain from the lawn into the city’s waste water system. This prevents standing water which can erode and damage your landscape.

Many different factors can influence the type of drainage system you may need which can make it difficult to determine how to proceed. These include, the elevation of your house (higher or lower) than your neighbors' houses, your current landscape, and any restrictions that may be in place from your city or homeowner’s association. All Seasons Landcare can recommend the best drainage system for your specific needs and professionally install it to keep your house free from water damage.

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