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Watering Your Lawn in North Texas? There's an App for that.

Lawn watering phone appWhen the temperature in North Texas inches toward triple digits, you may be tempted to water your grass, as well as your plants, shrubs and trees, as much as possible. However, over watering your lawn can cause root rot and make your lawn much more susceptible to disease. Shaded areas getting too much water may cause the grass to die. Trying to regrow it by adding fertilizer can make the grass grow back, but more mowing will be required as well as de-thatching.

On the other hand, not watering enough can result in unsightly, brown, dying grass. Grass can go dormant after not being watered for two to three weeks and still survive. However, infrequent watering, or not watering at all, after four to six weeks of dry, hot weather, can kill the grass completely.  

So, how do you know when you’re watering too much or when you’re not watering enough? Knowing how much water your lawn needs, at different times of the year, and for the particular grass that you have may leave you with more questions than answers.

lawn dry patchesThere are many online resources and apps that can be targeted to the Dallas Fort Worth area that can help you determine how to water your lawn for optimum results.

If you live in a city that is a client of the North Texas Municipal Water District, the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension offers to provide water saving tips and ways to keep your yard healthy.

Another site,, provides an app, for a nominal fee, that allows you to enter your zip code to calculate the average weather data, based on the last twenty years, for your specific location. You then enter your plant type (grass, shrubs and trees, drought tolerant plants, annual flowers, or newly planted plants), sprinkler type, soil type, and amount of sun exposure. The app will generate a monthly watering schedule customized specifically for your landscape.

sprinkler water leakIn addition to websites and apps, there are also smart sprinkler system controllers that can replace your existing control box. These are available at places like Home Depot, Amazon, and Best Buy for a few hundred dollars or less.

These systems work similarly to the app where you enter information about your plants, soil, and sun exposure for each zone of your yard. Then, watering cycles are automatically calculated to deliver just the right amount of water.

These are just a few examples of websites, apps, and systems for watering your lawn designed to save you money and keep your landscape healthy throughout the year. Others can be found by doing a simple Google search.

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